Pigeon blood red Ruby – Royal Blue Sapphire – Burma

Fine Ruby & Sapphire

Fine Ruby & Sapphire

Exceptional quality pigeon blood red Burmese Ruby from Mogok, exclusive Royal Blue Sapphire – Burma.  Prime collector gemstones ! Elite class investment gems !

20 carat Unheated Cornflower blue Sapphire – Collector Gem

Unheated Sapphire 20 ct

Unheated Sapphire 20 ct

Exceptional 20 carat Cornflower Blue Unheated Sapphire, excellent cut cushion, fine colour spread, near eye clean Gem. Fine Collector Sapphire !

AIGS Premium Gemstone Report by ‘Dr.Dietmar Schwarz ‘ of Swiss, perfectly authorising ‘ No Heat & Cornflower Blue ‘ of Srilankan Origin !

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Unheated Cornflower Blue Sapphire – 10 carat Cushion – Srilanka – AIGS Certified

Certified Cornflower Blue - Unheated

Certified Cornflower Blue – Unheated

This is a stunning 10 carat Cushion Unheated Cornflower Blue Sapphire from Srilanka.

AIGS – Premium Gemstone report for No heat Sapphire

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Paraiba Tourmaline Oval 4.75 ct – Loupe Clean Gem

Loupe Clean Paraiba Tourmaline

Loupe Clean Paraiba Tourmaline

Stunningly beautiful Mozambique Paraiba Tourmaline, displaying glow of neon greenish blue, Loupe clean Gem, no need to explain the rarity of a Paraiba of this quality in todays world. Oval 11×9 mm.

GRS certified Honey Green Chrysoberyl Cats Eye – 9 carats Round 10mm – No treatment



Striking Chrysoberyl Cat’s eye, super sharp thin ray all around under pen light, translucent gem displaying honey -green colour, GRS certified Natural Cat’s eye from Srilanka. Round 10mm.

Unheated Pigeon Blood Red Ruby – 6 carat- Eye Clean – Vivid Red – Mozambique

Pigeon Blood Red No heat Ruby

Pigeon Blood Red No heat Ruby


Piegon’s Blood Red Ruby of Eye Clean Clarity of 6 carats Size is unquestionably a Perfect statement of ‘ Luxury ‘ ! Rarest among the rare !

With perfect certification from GRS, this top notch Mozambique No Heat Ruby is a Classic piece, a true Collector’s delight, perfect Investment Gem and most sought after gemstone for a Celebrity Jewel !  Please Contact us for more details

Burmese Spinel Necklace Set – Round 6 – 8 mm – Celebrity Necklace Set !

40011a 40011b-2

Full of fire Natural multi colour Spinels, exceptional Lustre, polish and finish, well cut Rounds from 6 to 8 mm size in Pink, Purple, Orange, Peach, bluish green and Red in medium tone , all set to go on a necklace, will be a grand looking Jewel for Sure !

Unique Multi Colour Burmese Spinels !





Certified (GRS) Cornflower Blue Unheated Sapphire – 7ct Cushion -Clean -Srilanka



A Sapphire to die for ! Mesmerising well saturated Cornflower blue, fine lustre, well cut Cushion, top of the line Sapphire from Srilanka, No heat, perfectly Certified as ‘ Cornflower Blue ‘. Perfect for a Collector !

Natural Aquamarine Jewel Suit – Necklace – Ring – Earring – Matched Gemstones

Aqua matched gem set - ring - earring - Necklace

Aqua matched gem set – ring – earring – Necklace

A Perfect Aquamarine Jewel Suit –  11 pieces graduated matched aquamarines for necklace,  an earring pair and an Oval Aqua for Ring

Excellent cut, finish and polish, super lustre, nice aqua blue of medium tone, eye clean to Loupe clean gems, all set to go in a Jewel suit of Necklace, Earrings and Ring

Necklace – Pear 14×8 -2pieces, 15×9 -2pieces, 15×10 -4pieces, 16×10.5 – 2 pieces, the center piece 19x12mm, total 11 pieces 53.08 carats

Earring pair – Pear 15×10 mm – 2pieces total 9.53 ct

Ring Oval- 18×14 mm -1 piece total 12.30 ct


GRS Certified Unheated Vivid Royal Blue Sapphire Cushion 12 Carat

Un heated Royal Blue Sapphire 12 carats

Un heated Royal Blue Sapphire 12 carats

Top of the line Unheated Royal Blue Sapphire, this is unbelievably saturated Vivid Royal Blue, and spared from any treatment, new find from Madagascar at ‘Didy ‘ a Royal Class Sapphire for an extraordinary Jewellery, a perfect Investment Sapphire, Most sought after colour, most desired Shape, Unheated and over 10 carats – All Perfect with GRS certification.


Classic Gemstones

Meticulously Crafted exceptional quality Gemstones.

Blue Green – Namibian Tourmaline,  Brown Tourmaline, Vivid Blue Spinel, Fanta Orange Sapphire, Purple Spinel, Green Tourmaline , Pink Tourmaline, Green Sapphire…and more…

Royal Blue unheated Sapphires – Singles – matching pairs – sets

Unheated Blue-Sapphire


Huge selection of unheated vivid saturated blue sapphires from srilanka, Madagascar, Burma. Royal Blue , cornflower blue, velvet blue natural sapphires from 1 to 5 carat sizes for ring, earring matching pairs, necklace, bracelet sets.  Contact us for more details.


Natural fine quality Chrysoberyl Cat’s eye

Finest Natural Chrysoberyl Cat’s eye collection displaying best chatoyancy effect, highly transparent golden honey colour cat’s eye from Srilanka, Madagascar and Brazil. Exclusive collector grade chrysoberyls available in enormous sizes with certification from Gubelin lab.

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Collector Spinels

Mesmerising Mahenge red spinels, super fine pink spinels, cobalt blue spinels in sizes above 5 carats are always a rare find and delight for spinel collectors.

Witness some of our world class noble red spinels from Mahenge -Tanzania, red spinels from Burma, vibrant pink spinels from namya, Tajikistan, Umba, srilanka,  cobalt blue spinels from Srilanka and Madagascar.

Single stones, matching pairs, jewel layouts, rare collector spinels in enormous sizes.

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Violet – Purple Sapphire

All Natural Unheated Violet and Purple Sapphires !

Exceptional colour, excellent cut, eye clean and above clarity, bright and brilliant sapphires from Srilanka, Madagascar, Tanzania & more. No heat treatment, certificates can be obtained for each gemstones.

Gem quality sapphires from 3 carat size to as big as 100 carats a single piece can be purchased from our vast inventory of unheated sapphires. Matching pairs for jewellery, single solitaire gems and exclusive collector sapphires are available.

Contact us for more details about the sapphires .

Star Ruby – Star Sapphire

 Fine quality Natural Star Sapphire & Star Ruby

From rich royal blue to violet blue, purple stars , exceptionally crafted to bring the best star out of it, pinkish red and fine red ruby starts displaying high degree of transparency and laser sharp stars !

Gemstones from Srilanka, Madagascar, Tanzania & more.

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